In the Russian city, a new stop fell on Mercedes Russian news EN

In Krasnogorsk, a new bus stop fell on a parked Mercedes

AT Krasnogorsk the bus stop, which was set up the day before, fell on a Mercedes parked nearby. About it informs “Climb”.

The owner of the car told the publication that the vehicle was left all scratched, and also lost the mirror. According to her, the man who manages the workers who paint the curbs explained that they made a new stop the day before and did not have time to fasten it to the asphalt.

“We will contact the city authorities. The man who came cried and asked not to do this, but I said that we would do this in order to raise a fuss, ”said the Russian woman.

The girl added that first of all she wants to receive compensation from the city administration. The authorities, in turn, told the publication that the stop was restored, and law enforcement agencies would establish the reasons for its fall.

Earlier in Moscow on a passenger car fell concrete slabs from overpass. The driver was trapped in the vehicle, but survived. He was hospitalized

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