Turkey says that gas reserves in the Black Sea will be enough for the whole world for 45 years | Latest News

There are so many gas reserves in the Black Sea that it will be enough to cover all the world’s needs for 45 years.

This assessment of the Black Sea gas fields was given by the deputy head of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey, the former head of the Turkish government Binali Yildirim.

“The reserves of the Black Sea in natural gas are now estimated at 540 billion cubic meters. This is just the beginning, there will be more. The Black Sea is able to cover the world’s gas needs for 45 years, ”the Turkish edition quotes him as saying. Milliyet.

True, the current Turkish leaders are much more cautious in their assessments. Thus, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Fatih Donmez in an interview Criter said that the country intends to start operating this field in early 2023 and increase production to 40 million cubic meters per day.

Recall that the Turkish authorities reported the discovery of large gas reserves in the Black Sea back in 2020. The reserves of the Sakarya field were estimated at more than 400 billion cubic meters.

Turkish Presidential Decree Rejepa Tayyip Erdogan The Sakarya field was included in the project state aid.

The country is completely dependent on gas imports, mostly from Russia, but the field is expected to cut those imports by about a quarter.

That is, we are not even talking about completely providing even Turkey itself with gas at the expense of the Black Sea deposits. It is clear that it is not at all necessary to talk about “covering the world’s needs”. And Ankara understands this well.

As reported EADailyat the end of March, the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Mevlut Cavusogluat declared the inability of the state abandon Russian gas in the short term.

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