Kadyrov spoke about the failed attempt to counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine | Latest News

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, spoke about another unsuccessful attempt at a counteroffensive by the Ukrainian military in the Donbass.

In his TelegramOn the channel, the Chechen leader explained that this combat episode took place on May 6 in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Voevodovka of the LPR.

According to him, this senseless act of self-sacrifice was probably aimed at regaining lost firing positions. The head of the region stressed that the “counteroffensive, carefully thought out by the best minds” failed miserably.

As specified, the Ukrainian side suffered significant losses both in terms of manpower and military equipment.

One of the Ukrainian servicemen was captured. He disclosed the coordinates of the command post in the Voevodka area, which made it possible to liquidate the object.

“The next victory of our guys was not without valuable captured weapons and special military equipment. Step by step, Russian troops are bringing the inevitable end of Bandera’s henchmen and all the rest of the trash closer, ”concluded Kadyrov.

As reported EADailyon the eve of Ramzan Kadyrov told on the course of the battles for Popasnaya. According to him, the detachments of the Russian coalition “confidently kick out the bandit rabble” from positions well prepared for a long defense.

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