In Britain, they announced the financial losses of resorts due to the absence of Russians Russian news EN

The Telegraph: European resorts face losses due to lack of Russians

European resorts are facing huge financial losses due to the lack of tourists from Russia. Nick Squires, columnist for the British Telegraph writes about this. RIA News.

The article says that the Russians spent large sums in the resorts. Cyprus, whose tourism industry makes up a quarter of the economy, will suffer the most. The Cyprus Hotel Association is trying to attract more holidaymakers from Britain, the Scandinavian countries, Germany and Israel, the journalist said.

A similar situation has developed in Italy, the Czech Republic, France and Montenegro, said Squires.

Previously Vice President Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Artur Muradyan declaredthat popular cities in Europe should not expect a large influx of Russian tourists. He cited the lack of direct flights and the lack of flights from Russia and difficulties with payments in euros as reasons.

At the beginning of March, international payment systems Visa and Mastercard announced on the suspension of work in Russia as part of the sanctions imposed due to a special operation on the territory of Ukraine.

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