Gazprom sent a letter to European customers

Gazprom sends explanations to European buyers on how to pay for gas

Gazprom sent a letter to his European customers in which he tried to assure them that they could pay for gas without violating the sanctions. Writes about it Bloomberg.

The letter says the new Kremlin decree of May 4 “clarifies the procedure” established by the decree on payment in rubles. According to the new document, payment for gas will be accepted in foreign currency, which will then be exchanged for rubles through the accounts of the National Clearing Center.

Gazprom claims that such a procedure will ensure transparency and avoid the involvement of a “third party”. According to Bloomberg, the mechanism is aimed at excluding the participation of the Central Bank, which fell under sanctions.

Western countries imposed sanctions against Russia after the President Vladimir Putin launched a special operation on the territory of Ukraine. March 23 Putin declaredthat he decided to convert payments for Russian gas supplies to “unfriendly countries” into rubles. European Commission named payment in rubles in violation of sanctions.

April 27 Gazprom stopped deliveries to Bulgaria and Poland, which refused to pay in Russian currency. The refusal to pay in rubles was also announced Denmark, France, Austria.

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