Berlin allowed to use the Ukrainian flag on May 8 and 9 Russian news EN

The Berlin Senate denied the information about the ban on Ukrainian flags on May 8 and 9

The Berlin authorities reacted to the ban on the use of the Ukrainian flag on May 8 and 9. This is reported RIA News with reference to the agency.

In the Senate of Berlin, on the eve of events in honor of Victory Day, they noted that there was no talk of banning the Ukrainian flag in the German capital. However, this will affect only the territory of fifteen memorials. “No flags or military symbols are allowed in these territories, an exception will be made only for veterans of the Second World War, as well as ambassadors and their delegations,” the Berlin Senate Office for Internal Affairs, Digitalization and Sports emphasized in a message.

At the same time, as the source notes, the German police will ensure that no events are held in the city with the aim of publicly approving the special operation in Ukraine.

Earlier it became known that in Berlin banned to bring Russian and Ukrainian flags and banners to the action “Immortal Regiment”, as well as military uniform and its elements, symbols V and Z and the St. George ribbon in any form.

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