A group of tourists fell under an avalanche in North Ossetia Russian news EN

REN TV: during an avalanche on Mount Kazbek, one of the members of the tour group broke his leg

A group of tourists fell under an avalanche on Mount Kazbek in North Ossetia. This message appeared on the channel’s website. REN TV.

According to the source, the tourist group was not registered and was at a level of 3700 meters at the time of the avalanche. As a result of the incident, no one died, however, as the portal notes, one person broke his leg. At the moment, rescuers have been sent to the place.

In March, Oleg Demyanenko, a member of a recent expedition to the Dyatlov Pass, proved one of the versions of the mysterious death of a tourist group in this area in 1959. An avalanche was recorded for the first time near the place where the Dyatlov group disappeared.

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