Children’s Ombudsman urged to check kindergartens and schools after shooting in Ulyanovsk region

“Letters were sent to the heads of all Russian regions on behalf of the Commissioner for Children’s Rights under the President of Russia with a request to instruct them to conduct an audit of the safety level of preschool educational organizations and general educational organizations in the subject,” the publication quotes the words of a representative of Lvova-Belova.

The commissioner’s office noted that they consider inspections to be a necessary measure after the shooting in a kindergarten in the Ulyanovsk region. The results of the inspections promise to analyze and formulate proposals for improving safety in children’s institutions.

The initiatives proposed by the Ombudsman for the Safety of Children in Schools and Kindergartens will depend on what the audit in the Ulyanovsk region will show, her office said: “We are currently waiting for the results of the investigation to understand where and what protection measures didn’t work.”

  • April 26 man with a gun came to the kindergarten “Ryabinka” in the village of Veshkaima in the Ulyanovsk region and opened fire there, as a result of which two children and a nanny were killed. Later it turned out that the shooter was 26-year-old Ruslan Akhtyamov.

  • On the morning of April 26, the man went to the forest to shoot with the owner of the weapon, 67-year-old Alexander Doronin. The security forces found the body of the pensioner in a landfill near the village, 700 meters from the garden.

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